South Africa

The Horsemen

Tremayne Smith and Jaco Engelbrecht have more in common than their ample facial hair and love of heavy metal - they are some of the most contemplative and boundary-pushing wine personalities we have encountered. They developed a friendship while studying at South Africa’s famed agricultural college, Elsenburg. For several years, the pair chartered their own course - Tremayne as head winemaker at Fable Mountain Vineyards, while Jaco pursued his passion as an esteemed viticulturist. The Horsemen brings together two old friends and the resulting wines are spectacular.   Though both Tremayne and Jaco have long since left university, they continue to be students of vineyards and wine. With The Horsemen they have employed a technical approach in analyzing and assessing their soils and vineyards. It is this rigorous preparation and eye for detail that enable them to produce extraordinarily clean yet expressive wines. This is natural wine 2.0 - naturally fermented, low sulphur, yet meticulously crafted with precision and passion.