South Africa

Big Flower

Ginny Povall doesn’t dip her toes - she dives right in. So when she began planting vineyards on her farm in Stellenbosch in 2009, it was destined to become something truly special. Under the Botanica label, Ginny creates some remarkable wines by seeking out special parcels in the outer stretches of the Cape wine lands. But for the Big Flower label, she hasn’t looked far - the fruit comes right from her doorstep. All the grapes are grown on her farm, Protea Heights, in Devon Valley, which is just a short drive from Stellenbosch. Protea Heights has been a flower farm since the 1940s, cultivating South Africa’s national flower, the Protea. Ginny continues this tradition and currently has almost half of her property planted to Proteas.   Ginny began organic conversion of the farm in 2014. Due to the ecologically diverse plantings, many beneficial birds and insects have made Protea Heights their home and aid this organic approach. In addition to eliminating the use of synthetic herbicides and pesticides, Ginny has adopted a regenerative approach, seeking to build soil and capture carbon on the farm rather than release it. The Big Flower range consists of four varietal wines and a rosé.