South Africa

The Three Foxes

One of South Africa’s most exciting wine collaborations, Chris Mullineux, Pascal Schildt, and Olivier Schildt, founded Three Foxes in 2004 to explore and express some of the Cape’s most unique terriors. The three partners all have day jobs and varying specialities within the wine world, so Three Foxes can most assuredly be classified as a passion project. Each vintage, the team seeks out the best quality fruit from various regions, providing limitless potential and opportunity for exploring special parcels and corners yet discovered.   To ensure that all the effort in discovering unique sites is not lost in the bottle, The Three Foxes works with a minimalist approach in the cellar. Natural yeast carry out the fermentations, and a very small amount of sulphur is added just before bottling. That’s it. No fining, no filtration, no acidification, no process-driven techniques. Three Foxes is about the place, the fruit, and the expression. Oh, and having a great time while you are drinking it.  
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