South Africa

The Winery of Good Hope

Alex Dale founded the Winery of Good Hope in 1998 with the goal of reflecting the optimism and hope of the region and producing top-rate, quality-driven wines for everyday drinking.   Good Hope is more than just the name of a location at the bottom of Africa. It’s a spirit of optimism. A “can-do” attitude. A positive intention that leads to positive action. The fact that the pioneering settlers of 1652 named their new land The Cape of Good Hope is proof of their faith in the area’s potential. Wine grapes were among the first crops to be grown there, starting in 1655. The Winery of Good Hope respects the long tradition of viticulture in the Cape, by producing wines with focused attention and appreciation for the qualities that make each region unique. This is the same approach they employ with their premium label, Radford Dale. In fact, The Winery of Good Hope parcels are often directly next to the Radford Dales parcels. With countless so-called entry-level wines, the fruit (or often bulk wine) is sourced from cheaper, mass-production areas, then sold as commodity wine.   But The Winery of Good Hope sees this differently - their entry-level wines are their calling cards. They view this range as part and parcel of their top-tier range, so there is no cutting corners. As they see it, “if our entry-level wines are anything short of excellent, then we consider ourselves nothing short of incompetent.” These ARE premium wines - premium wines made for everyday drinking, for people who enjoy and expect quality, every day.