Clos du Trias

On the foothills of Mt. Ventoux, known to determined cyclists and fans of the Tour de France, lies the 20 hectares of Clos de Trias. The property consists of 80+ year-old vines and sits 300-500 meters above sea level on Triassic soil. The vineyard had been conventionally exploited by local wine-growers until its takeover by Even Bakke in 2007. The organic conversion completed in 2012 and the winery certified with the European Organic label. Raised between the US and Norway, Evan Bakke has taken part in 14 vintages in California at vineyards such as Matanzas Creek and Landmark. In 2007, after a three year search, he has started his own winery in the south of France. While in California, studying the technical craft “necessary” to winemaking, he has come to the conviction that good wine needs no technology. Evan purely follows his penchant to experiment, his intuition, and his know-how. The wines of Clos de Trias rely on spontaneous fermentation with native yeast and no temperature control. The aging takes place in the cellar in large oak foudre, concrete, and enameled tanks. The wines are bottles unfiltered, without fining, and with very low levels of sulfur. Each cuvée ages for a minimum of two years (four years for the reds) in tanks or in bottles until its release.
Clos du Trias
Clos du Trias Ventoux Rouge 2013
Clos du Trias
Ventoux Rouge 2013
Syrah / Shiraz, Carignan, Cinsault, Grenache Noir
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